SW4 2012 – Pics and more

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If you want to see the pics, scroll down to the bottom.

Walking through the mud, in the pouring rain with a 10kg+ backpack, no, it’s not an army boot camp, it’s Saturday @ SW4.

This is my 3rd SW4, the 3rd time I’m covering the event. What is it like being a tog at an event?

Being a tog is hard work, travelling with heavy gear, lugging kit all day (due to the lack of secure storage), being mobbed for photos, time limits/schedules, getting hassled by over zealous bouncers, weather, sorting, publishing, etc.

The flip side is that festivals buzz with a lot of smiley, happy people, top acts/performers, multiple stages, open space, uber crazy moments, time to experiment and be creative. Or as the guy on the cover would put it, camera’s ready, prepare the flash 😉 A photographers dream, this makes the experience worth doing!

Before I wrap up, I’d like to point out that the staff this year have been extremely helpful, very efficient and was able to sort out any issue that came their way. So, you can thank them for having me there, big hats off to them.

So if you’re a festival organiser/goer, be nice to your tog. We get good coverage and everyone is happy!

Without any further ado…

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