/pImpt fotos/

1. very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME photos

Example: That is a one pimped photo

2. We do what it says on the tin, we take Pimped Photos


Pimpedphotos based in London, UK, specialise in capturing original, unique, eyecatching photos. With over 7 years in the field experience covering everything from catwalks to landscapes, from events to travel we are well placed to deliver pictures with the punch.

Want to do it yourself? We also offer training workshops to show you how to capture your own special moments.

If you want a set of pictures, get any photographer. If you want Pimped up pictures, contact Pimpedphotos.


Event Photography

Carpe diem, capturing your moments

We are available for assignments covering events no matter how big or small, every event is important. If you that one special event that requires the Pimped treatment, contact us, we’ll have it covered.[/seven_columns]


(c) Pimpedphotos 2012
Promotional Photography

Where the right picture will bring home the bacon

We are available for promotional shoots. Promoting a product, place or even yourself, we’ll get you the photos that will make that will win your customers over.[/seven_columns]



Fashion Photography

Pimping your style

Whether it be on a catwalk, in a studio or on location, talk to us and we’ll make it happen.[/seven_columns]


(c) Pimpedphotos 2012
Photography Workshops

Helping you reach your creative potential

We offer beginner photography classes, publishing workflow classes. Each class has been tried and tested over several years of experience and are designed to help any student reach their full creative potential.[/seven_columns]


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