Happy new year!

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Welcome back, hope you all had a rad entry to the new year.

We’re now back in the UK after a relaxing month abroad, which also means that there’s house keeping to be done, etc, etc, etc…

Boring bits aside, the Oz shoots are now almost done, we’re proofing the pics and aim to get them out to the team shortly.

So what happened, well…

This all started back in the UK before I left, I wanted a few landscape shots of my home land (lame, yes, but I don’t have any!)

Thinking that it would be nice but a wee bit dull, a snap decision was made to make it interactive. As a ‘joke’, I decided to ‘advertise’ for a creative team to see who’d like to collaborate.

To my amazement, we had quite a large number of responses from models and creatives (hair and MUA). Game on.

After a lot of careful consideration and shortlisting, we finalised our team, the week before I was due to fly out. Admittedly, I was quite impressed by the calibre of the applicants this made the selection process harder (for those who are reading this and didn’t get selected, don’t feel bad, it was really, really tough!)

In the meantime, the applicants kept rolling in. In the end we had 80 models and about 8 creative teams.

As mentioned previously, we had three models, two teams, shooting over two days, in two different locations. The challenge was to bring everything together with people that we’ve never worked with before, on location (some of which we’ve never seen…ever!) and mixing in the indecisive Sydney weather.

Sydney weather was a bit of a gamble, beautiful one day, really cr*p the next. Fortunately, on the days of the shoot, Sydney weather did not disappoint and the dream became reality.

I’d be lying if we said that everything went according to plan, some things didn’t but the results more than made up for it. Being two very long days, the teams fought tooth and nail, brought home the bacon and importantly, we all had fun.

The locations were nothing short of fantastic as both were away from the crowds and provided a lot of creative inspiration.

Less text, more pics I hear you cry, here are the locations and the three lucky models.

(identities will be revealed later so be sure to tune back…)


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