16 or 23rd of June – Course: Pimped photography 101

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The courses are back:

The all important intro is first off the list:


Pimped Photography 101

We’re going to cut the marketing BS and get straight to the point.

You bought an SLR to take better snaps (you paid more for it, right?)

This course will help you understand how your camera works so you can do take better snaps.

About Pimpedphotos

The anonymous photographer (aka Pimpedphotos) started off as landscape photographer, learning the hard way on how to get that perfect picture. During this time, we’ve diversified to Event and Fashion where we have covered a few celebs and have been in a few publications.

You can see our work on:
or on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pimpedphotos

What makes this course different:

  • Easy to digest theory component, you don’t need to know that much about your camera (you still need to know how to charge it, turn it on and be able to read the manual)
  • There we have a tailored one on one practical component
  • We deliberately cap this course at 6 people to allow for a solid one on one interaction


Theory: 1 hour
We cover:

  • Light theory
  • Background to Photography in a nutshell
  • Pimped Photography 101 – Learning to use the other and very important settings on your camera

Practical 3 hours
(with 30 mins of ‘me’ time per person)
We set off to practice what we have learnt

Location: TBC but it will be in Central London Zone 1
Date: 16th or 23rd June (please advise on your availability for either date)
Time: 9:15 registration for a 9:30 start
Price: £50 (20% off each member if you book a group of 3 or 10% if you book before May 11)

T & Cs:
Need to pay in full before the event to secure your place and get the discount, Refunds: -%10 if you cancel before the date, no refund 24 hours before the event.

As this is an outdoor course, we will need to go outside to take some shots. If it rains, we’ll need to play by ear or reschedule.


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